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This section is for the resources that I’ve been asked to produce for KS2 and which have been vetted by and used by KS2 teachers. Some of them have also been used in Y2. There are more resources throughout the site that have been used successfully in KS2, particularly in Y3 and Y4, and I’ve added them to a list (with links) at the bottom of the page.

History KS2

Ancient Egyptians QCA Unit 10 Click Here

Victorian Schooldays Click Here

The Vikings Click Here

The Romans Click Here

Kings, Knights, Castles Click Here

Going Back in Time ( 1920s home) Click Here

Mystery Objects Farming Click Here

Section on Dinosaurs Click Here

Section on Space Click Here

History of Pirates Click Here

Tudor Exploration Section begins Click Here

The Voyages of Captain James Cook Click Here

Sir Francis Drake Click Here

Sir Walter Raleigh Click Here

Christopher Columbus Click Here

Grace Darling Click Here

What was it like for Children in the Second World War?  Click Here


Remembrance Day Click Here

ABC of Christian Vocabulary Click Here

ABC of Judaism Click Here

ABC of Islam Click Here

ABC of Hinduism Click Here

The Sikh Faith Click Here

Jewish Purim Click Here

Shabbat and Havdalah Click Here

Jewish Passover—Pesach Click Here


A List of KS2 Resources on this site

Thank you so much for sending download links to the resources so promptly, it is much appreciated.

I've had a quick look and they look as though they will be really useful. Thanks Amy


As this order totals less than 300 Mbs I’m hoping you’ll be able to send it as  a download. Thank you for your excellent service. I used to use your resources all the time in KS1, but now I have returned to teaching after a break, as a Year Four teacher, I am sure I will continue to find a  lot of them useful.

Janet P

Kettering, Northamptonshire

Geography KS2

Human and Physical Geography Click Here

Weather Vocabulary

Weather Facts

The Environment

Land Use

Aerial and Landscape Photo Packs

What is Geography?

The Island of St Lucia Click Here

Scottish Islands Click Here

Amazon Rainforest Click Here

Living in the Amazon Rainforest Click Here

Living in India Click Here

Living in Japan Click Here

Living in China - Click Here

Finding out about France Click Here

Finding out about Italy Click Here

Chinese New Year Click Here

Living in the Arctic & Antarctica Click Here

How do people survive in the Arctic? Click Here

How do animals survive the Arctic? Click Here

Hot Deserts Click Here

Australia Section begins here Click Here

Just to say your resources are fabulous - I must apologise for not thanking you last time - the Christopher Columbus powerpoints were perfect. Thanks Amanda

I really liked the questions on Boudicca's PP. The children had a great discussion about whether she should or should not have done what she did! I liked the Advantages/Disadvantages activity (Roman soldiers) Thank you! Carole

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2012 London Olympics Click Here

2012 Paralympics Click Here

The Water Cycle Click Here

There are lots of resources that are suitable for lower KS2 to use as ideas and prompts when writing stories and character profiles

Click Here

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Science KS2

Introduction to Food Chains Click Here

Variation and Classification

Animal Groups Click Here

Classifying Animals Click Here

Classifying Birds Click Here

Electricity Click Here

New Feb 2014

Teeth and Eating

Living Things and their Habitats

Click Here

New May 2014

The functions of different parts of plants

What plants need

The part that flowers play in the lifecycle of flowering plants - pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal

Click Here

Art KS2 (geography link)

Masks around the World Click Here

Patterns and Art from Africa Click Here

Aboriginal Art Click Here

Puppets around the World Click Here

Art KS2

Vincent Van Gogh Click Here

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Click Here

Artists and the Harvest Click Here

Claude Monet – Water lilies Click Here

Still Life Art Click Here

Art Units Click Here

Food Art and Artists including Arcimboldo

Click Here