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This website is dedicated to the memory of my daughter Kerry Emma who died in November 1983 aged 5 years. You are welcome to use any of the free resources I  produced during the 20 years I spent teaching in Primary Schools and still make for fun.  You are also welcome to add a link to my site but please do not add my teaching resources to your website or School Learning Platform. To anyone who adds a link to my website I send my thanks.  Marilyn 2012

How did it all begin?

The website began almost by accident and may not have begun at all if I hadn’t needed an excuse to lock myself away in the study to hide from the builders who were adding an extension to our house in the winter of 2005-2006.  Initially the idea was to share all the resources I’d made while I’d been teaching and at the same time, raise money for Climb (Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases). Way back then I had no idea how to make a website so chose the only thing I knew - a Publisher website which, although primitive and far from beautiful, worked very well as the site grew to it’s present size. But ……………….

All things come to an end and (as I suspected it would one day) the ancient Publisher website finally imploded when I became the owner of a brand new Windows 7 computer in September 2011.  From that point on both myself and my husband worked ten and twelve hour days every day to get this new, replacement website up and running while the old site hovered for four months in cyber space, still working, still generating orders but cut adrift from yours truly!

I hope you all like the new, much improved, KS1Resources website and that it will continue in its present reincarnation for many years to come or until I run out of ideas and inspiration!

Please allow time for the bigger previews to load - With Very Best Wishes Marilyn December 2011

The buttons below are just one way to view this site, other options are available via the home page.

School Learning Platforms and other Websites


During 2011 it kept coming to my attention that some schools had been adding my PowerPoints to the CLASS Areas of their Learning Platforms and/or websites so that parents could access and view the resources with their children at home.

Class areas are set to ‘public’ rather than ‘secure’ or ‘private’ - otherwise parents wouldn’t be able to view them - and therefore they are ARE NOT SECURE.

As a direct result my PowerPoints have been found by carrying out a simple Google search. In other words, my work is accessible to the general public through these school sites.

Oh No!



Or FILESHARE or FACEBOOK pages I have not given my permission for you to do this.

Thank you to Uniservity for locating the schools for me and sorting out the problem.

Thank you also to the schools and individuals involved for taking the PowerPoints off your sites.

Which Font Do I Need?



A Reminder about Sassoon Primary Infant Font: If you don't have this font installed on your computer the text on your slides will default to another font and use larger characters which may disappear behind pictures or off the slide. If you want to order and pay by cheque please make sure you tell me which font you need otherwise I will copy/upload your resources in Comic Sans.. See the order form.  If in doubt please email me and ask for a sample PowerPoint in Sassoon Primary Infant.

All sample slides on this site use Sassoon Primary Infant Font. If you have problems with how this font displays on your screen you’ll be safer ordering PowerPoints in Comic Sans font.  PDF files are mainly in Sassoon but can be read and printed in the usual way.  I do not offer a laminating service.


You can find out how to contact me by Clicking Here

When will I get my order?

I am constantly checking my computer for orders and as soon as I process (upload) your order I will email you to tell you that it’s ready and when you should get it or, what the download link is. See below for information about downloads.

If you are ordering for the first time I know it can be a bit of a leap into the unknown but I WILL get back to you as soon as I can. If you’ve paid through PayPal, a page will open in a new window that will inform you if I’m having a break from my computer and will tell you what to do if you can’t wait for your order.

PowerPoints - 2000 and 2003

Early PowerPoints were made either on a Windows XP or Windows 7 computer using PowerPoint 2000 however the newer resources are now made in PowerPoint 2003. I’m hoping that by sticking with these earlier versions of PowerPoint, everyone will be able to access them on their computers. Later versions of PowerPoint should be able to open earlier versions. So far, no one reported otherwise!

If your PayPal address no longer works I’m afraid you’ll not get your download links..  It’s up to you to contact me if that’s the case.  

  Click Here to find out what you can do if your links have expired.

I send all download links through mailbigfile.

All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

All resources are sent as download links please make sure your PayPal email address is one you can access as the links will be sent there.


Admin costs for downloads will be shown as postage charges at checkout and added automatically.

This is not refunded as it covers my costs and time for uploading and the extra bandwidth I use.

If I’m having a break from my computer (or on holiday) you’ll be informed of this after you’ve completed payment through PayPal. You’ll also be told what to do if you can’t wait for your order.

Click on the link below and scroll down the page to find out IF I’m on a break.



PLEASE MAKE SURE I HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS that you check regularly for messages, otherwise I can’t contact you if there’s a problem or send you your download link.

Accessing a download from the link you would be sent is very easy.

As soon as I’ve uploaded the folder of resources, you get an email from MailBigFile. You also get an email from me, giving you the link. All you have to do is click on the link.

Try it now, the new link is:

If the link doesn’t work please contact me as it may have been downloaded too many times.

Please let me know if that’s the case.

Click the download button as instructed

Also see above this section for information about what to do if I’m having a break from my computer.

If your order is too large for me to upload I will contact you. Please make sure your PayPal email address is one you can access and check.


After you’ve paid with PayPal a new window will open. This will have information about downloads and how to contact me. Also…..

If I’m away from my computer for any length of time you will be informed of this and told what to do if you can’t wait for your order.

You can contact me by Clicking Here

*Admin costs for downloads will be shown as postage charges at checkout and are added automatically. These charges (usually £2) are not refunded as providing this service costs me money.

This is not an instant download site but I send download links for ALL resources up to approximately £30 in value.

If the value of your order is larger than that you need to contact me to ask for download links otherwise your order will be sent to you on a CD.

For full details Click Here

Costs for postage or for sending download links

Admin costs for downloads are shown as ‘postal charges’ at checkout and are added automatically. They cover my costs and are not refunded.

There is one charge per order which stays the same for all orders under £50.


All orders from abroad (outside the UK post code areas) will be sent by download link only.

Individual (zipped) folders sent via download links will not exceed around 100 MB.

How to download - Click Here

You can contact me by Clicking Here

You can contact me by Clicking Here